Welcome to The Lazy Activist!

The Lazy Activist is designed to encourage EVERYONE, including YOU and everyone you know, to become an activist quickly and easily by using the Internet. The Internet has made it easier than ever to get informed, to get involved and to get others involved.

The Lazy Activist gets you to sites that allow you to learn more about the issues and take ACTION in a matter of seconds. Great news! Most of the sites The Lazy Activist includes are free, too! So take action today, even if it’s just one click!

Use The Lazy Activist to take action in the United States. Use the Issue Specific Links page for activism resources worldwide.

Getting Around

This site is divided into sections that may be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of each page. The page you are on will be highlighted.

1. Getting Started gets you on the road to taking action. You could go straight to “Instant Activism” if you’re itching to make a difference right now, but come back to “Getting Started” afterwards because you’ll learn some useful tricks.

2. Getting Educated takes you to resources where you learn about issues and current events quickly and easily. Remember, a well informed activist is more effective.

3. Instant Activism is the fast track page to sites that allow you to get involved and make a difference simply by clicking and typing. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

4. More Activism is a guide for taking the next step after “Instant Activism.” Don’t worry, in many cases the next step is as easy as clicking, once you know what to do.

5. Links takes you to sites not listed elsewhere on The Lazy Activist where you can get involved in specific issues.

6. Messaging takes you to the communication center for The Lazy Activist. From there you may tell your friends about The Lazy Activist, join The Lazy Activist network or shoot us a message.

Share the Knowledge

Do you like what you see? The best way to make a difference is to get others involved. Spread the word about The Lazy Activist to everyone that you think would be interested. (Don’t spam folks that won’t be receptive – it won’t help the cause.) If you like what we do, we encourage you to add a link to us on your site if you have one.

The Lazy Activist is by no means comprehensive and we welcome additions to our list of tools. Please keep in mind that we primarily link to resources that let you take ACTION directly through the site. If you know of a site that fits with the mission of The Lazy Activist or find a broken link, please email us at [email protected]